Henna Qureshi

Multimediadesigner · qureshi.henna@gmail.com

I am currently studying multimediadesign and communication at Erhversakademi Zealand. I am experienced in basic HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript and JQuery.


Erhversakademi Zealand

AP degree
Multimediedesign & communication

(Finishing July 2019)

August 2017 - Present

Ørestad Gymnasium

High school - STX
Science - Math A, English A, Physics B, Chemistry B
August 2014 - July 2017


    Online Webshop - "Difré"

    In this project, we had to make a webshop and sell 6 t-shirts. We ended up selling 7 t-shirts. We also had to create social media accounts for our brand, such as Facebook and Instagram. We came up with the idea for our t-shirts, which was basically one-line drawings. I was in charge of drawing and editing them in Illustrator so they could be printed on our t-shirts. We created competitions for our marketing strategy as well.

    Website for client - "Gastronomisk Innovation"

    In this project, our assignment was to update the look of a website for costumers as an exam-project. We also had to make a small video for them, to represent who they are. We chose to put the video on the home page, so that it catches a visitors attention. I coded the entire website myself. We ended up with a website that the costumers seemed very interested in.

    Music video & website for client - "Emmelie De Forest"

    In this project, we had to create a music video and a website. All groups got assigned a singer, and my group got the honor of working with 2013 Eurovision-winner Emmelie De Forest. It was a pleasure working with her, and we ended up with a music video that she was very pleased with. The music video we created is now the official music video for her song "Rabbit".
    You can see the official music video here.

    There is also a couple of articles that have been written about this.
    "Eurovision Denmark: Emmelie de Forest unviels the music video for Rabbit"
    "WATCH: Emmelie de Forest releases video for new single "Rabbit""

    Landing page - "MUAs DK"
    MUA DK

    In this project we had to create a mobile app prototype and a landing page. I was in charge of coding the landing page. Our idea for an app, was to gather all makeup artist in one app.

    Selfportrait video - "Aske"

    We had an interesting process for this project. We had to make a video portrait of one of our group members. Long story short, we could not get him to send us the footage we had, and he wouldn't meet up with us. We ended up making the portrait on him anyways. We took a different approach to the problem that we were facing, and we ended up making a video that people favored and still haven't forgotten about.

    Website for client - "Køge Kommune"

    We had to change the look of Koege Municipality's website, so that it became more user friendly for younger people in the ages of 15-25. Younger people tend to turn to their parents because they are intimidated and unsure about how to do certain things that can simply be done on the website. We went with a simple design, since their current website was too messy and confusing, but we regret that it ended up a little too simple. We got a bunch of ideas for further development if we had more time to work on it.


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams

Adobe Programs
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • XD
  • Illustrator


Apart from studying Multimediedesign and communication, I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends. I live-stream on Twitch, which is a big part of my free time. I love to always have a project that I can work on, which helps me improve my skills. I work very effectively with other people, but I also enjoy putting headphones on with music and zoning in on my work 100%.

I love gaming, which is also what I live-stream. Instead of getting someone else to design the look of my channel, I take advantage of designing it myself to improve my skills in Photoshop. I consider it a small project that I can always improve.